Validating Machines
Machines print automatically when paper is inserted.
Solid-state circuitry assures consistent impression every
time. Adjustable stamping force for multi-copy form. Easy
change ribbons advance and reverse automatically.
Rugged die-cast case, sturdy lock to prevent tampering.
Solid brass typewheels provide superior imprint quality.
Sample Imprints (Approximate Size)
ad_std.jpg (1814 bytes)
engravedsignature.jpg (3552 bytes)
Popular Applications:
  • For Stores to validate sales slips, charges
  • Time Cards
  • For airline and bus terminals to validate tickets
  • For banks to date payment receipts
  • For shipping/receiving to date freight papers
  • For businesses to endorse checks
  • For anyone who needs to stamp and date and/or message
  • Model AD-RST-E - Date Only
  • Model AR-RST-E - Time & Date
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