The RACK 3 features light weight for portability and a small nose radius for use in tight areas. The wrench
operates at up to 3,300 ft-lbs, to provide 10% more torque than comparably sized wrenches. Its drop-foot
adapter is adjustable within a 360º range and swivel hydraulic fittings ensure maneuverability without
hose binding.
The kit is packaged with common wrench sizes in a compact, convenient case for field use. The range of
heads, adapters and wrench inserts eliminate the need for multiple tools.
Unique, Rack & Pinion Design for Industry's Highest Accuracy
Power-Dyne's proprietary rack & pinion design is actually a highly accurate gear mechanism: As the rack
moves the pinion, the geometry at the point of engagement adjusts to provide a directly proportional
variation in applied force, which compensates for the changes in center distance. Therefore, torque
output is constant. You get accuracy to ±2½ % of reading, traceable to the NIST (NBS).
Conventional ball & socket wrench designs employ a piston rod, which engages a lever arm. As the rod
extends through the power stroke, both the center distance of the arm and the applied force change.
However, the changes are not proportional, and create fluctuations in torque output.
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