PDX 1234 Transducer Multiplexer
Power-Dyne announces the release of its newest addition to the company's ultrasonic bolting
productline, the PDX 1234 Transducer Multiplexer. This new 16-channel multiplexer, with
accompanying software, provides the user with tremendous versatility.
  • Monitors loads (input) of up to 16 bolts from one ultrasonic bolt gage unit. (Larger,
    custom applications are possible).
  • Special ultrasonic bolt gage software program allows for fully programmable operation
    and storage of multiple readings for up to 16 bolts.
  • Offers on-screen paging of real-time bolt data.
  • Provides single or multiple bolt data display in multiplexer mode.
  • Features multiple reference standard capability.
  • Allows multiplexer function to be disabled for standard operation.
  • Provides project data date stamp.
  • Allows storage of multiple-pass readings in standard or multiplexer mode.
  • Features IBM compatible software available for data transfer.
  • Offers IBM transfer program designed for easy data import popular spreadsheets.
Power-Dyne's new 16-channel transducer multiplexer offers the same high standard of quality
and reliability as in all ultrasonic bolting equipment. For additional information and pricing
contact your Power-Dyne customer service department.
The multiplexer/software offers a variety of features:
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