MODELS PD-1201, PD-2501 & PD-6501
PD-1201, PD-2501 and PD-6501 MECHANICAL WRENCHES
Field-Proven Performance and Optimum Versatility
  • Models PD-1201, 2501 and 6501 mechanical wrenches feature the superior
    accuracy, output/input ratios and portablility of POWER-DYNE mechanical
    wrenches in three specific ranges of torque output.
  • These models have been proven in field service military applications as highly
    accurate and versatile tools for more than a decade.
  • Model PD-1201 requires only 10 ft. lbs. of input to produce up to 1200 ft-lbs. of
    output torque.
  • The unit weighs only 22 pounds.
  • Model PD-2501 has a medium-duty range of torque from 0 to 2500 ft-lbs.,
    produced with only 14 ft-lbs. of input.
  • Weight is 37 lbs.
  • Model PD-6501 has the highest rating of the three wrenches, for the heaviest
  • Output is from 0 to 6500 ft-lbs. of torque, with 25 ft. lbs. of input.
  • Weight is 70 pounds. All are accurate to within ±2%.
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