Bolt Gage 3 Features
Bolt Gage 3 Builds on the Best
Bolt Gage 3 offers all of the unique features of other Power-Dyne ultrasonicbolting products in
an improved system. From its improvedpackage and ergonomics to expanded functionality and
ease-of-use,Bolt Gage 3 is better.
How Bolt Gage 3 Works
Bolt Gage 3 sends ultrasonic waves down the length of a bolt. Its microprocessor and software
analyze the returning echo durationand compare the information to a reference value for the
bolt. Bolt Gage 3 analyzes this information and displays bolt stretch,stress and load. This
method of measuring "tightness"is far more accurate than that of applied torque, which is
anindirect method subject to variables such as friction, lubricity,torsion and bending. Bolt Gage
3 may be used during tighteningfor process control, or after tightening for quality control
Fast, Easy and Automated
Bolt Gage 3 automatically adapts to different bolt geometry'sby adjusting the receiver gain,
delay, threshold and polarity. Temperature compensation is also automatic. An integral
oscilloscopeverifies your set-up with a graphic display of bolt echo. Infact, Bolt Gage 3 set-up
is the most automated in the industry.
Improved Data Management and Handling
Bolt Gage 3 stores information for up to 5,000 bolts on eachremovable data storage card.
Multiple cards provide virtuallyunlimited storage. Bolt Gage 3 file management is improved
withthe availability of alphanumeric characters for project/bolt-typenames. Project file names
can be edited and individual projectfiles can be deleted. An exponent key permits the use of
largevalues with minimal effort. Data and oscilloscope traces canboth be printed to Epson or
compatible printers through an integral,modular RJ-45 quick-connect cable. Data can also be
transferredto and from personal computers for use in popular spreadsheetand database
Ergonomically Designed with Durability in Mind
In the field, at the lab or on the factory floor, Bolt Gage 3stands up to the tough stuff. Its
microprocessor, electronicsand oscilloscope are housed in a rugged, heavy-duty case
withsealed display. A tactile-responsive, sealed silicon rubber keypadprotects the system in
demanding field and industrial environments. The swivel-locking carrying handle is designed
for ease of portability.
Programs with Built-In Bolting Expertise
Bolt Gage 3's patented operating system builds Power-Dyne's extensivebolting expertise into
software. Programs perform automatic fieldcalibration to NIST (NBS) standards. Bolt tensile
calibrationis standard. Accurate tracking into the "yield" regionis also available. No other
system offers as much bolted jointexpertise built into software. Our programs work the way
Transducers for Every Bolting Application
  • Power-Dyne offers a full line of standard transducers to allowmagnetic coupling to a
    wide range of fastener sizes. Outsidediameters range from .375 in. to 1.16 in with
    frequency rangesfrom 2.25 MHZ to 10 MHZ. Power-Dyne can also supply special
    designtransducers to meet almost any requirement.
  • Power-Dyne's wide range of transducers may be attached with avariety of methods.
    Magnetic, adhesive or mechanical attachment,in top or right-angle configurations, are
    all available. Standardand special cables are also available. A high temperature
    transducermay be used on joints as hot as 400º F (205º C) withoutcool-down. You can
    verify bolt loads at actual process temperatures.
Transducer Multiplexer - Makes One Bolt Gage 3 Work Like Sixteen
Power-Dyne's new transducer multiplexer and software can simultaneouslymonitor loads in up
to sixteen bolts from a single Bolt Gage. Additional multiplexers can be coupled to monitor
larger groupsof fasteners. Special software combined with the multiplexerprovide fully
programmable operation and storage or readings fromup to sixteen bolts or more. The system
displays single or multiplebolt data in real-time. Multiple reference standards may be used.
Project data is automatically date-stamped and multiple-passreadings may be stored. As with
other Bolt Gage 3 programs, datacan be transferred to and from popular PC-based
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