Rapidprint Division manufactures electro-mechanical time, date and
numbering stamps, along   with automatic checksigners and service stamps.  

Blu-Ray Division manufactures whiteprint copiers for use in large document
processing and X-Ray duplicators for use in the medical industry.

Magnagrip Division is a leading manufacturer of the Instant Workshop
Organizers and the Instant Home Organizers, magnetic holders for all types of

Power-Dyne, LLC manufactures large commercial mechanical and hydraulic
torque wrenches, as well as an ultrasonic bolt measurement device known as the Bolt

Contemporary Products, LLC a recognized leader in the manufacturing
and distribution of respiratory products for the home, alternate site, EMS, and hospital
marketplaces. We have added a new category of industrial equipment for the calibration
BIDWELL Industrial Group, Inc.
is a family owned manufacturing company located in Middletown, CT. We operate under
three divisions, and two separate LLC's offering five distinct product lines.
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